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We are working on an updated version of the ICZ website that will also include information in English. Until it’s done, most of the site will still be in German. But to  help our English-speaking visitors find the most important details about our community, how to become a member, and how to get in touch with us, see below.

Your Jewish community in Zurich

Welcome to the ICZ, a cultural and religious home for all our members and friends, offering everything you need for a full Jewish life.

Looking for culture, education and entertainment with a Jewish flavour? Check out our Culture and Events pages. Feed your Jewish bookworm in our outstanding library
(and feed your hunger in the meaty restaurant at our community centre). Learn to your heart’s content: our courses range from Ivrit, to dance, to philosophy, to religious studies.

Not sure where you stand religiously? In our united and inclusive community with a modern-orthodox rabbinate we welcome Jews of every type of religious practice and belief. We believe in solidarity and mutual respect.

Want to give your children the best possible Jewish education? Our Ganon and Kindergarten are just the start (with very parent-friendly hours). Youngsters have a choice of three different Jewish youth groups, reflecting the breadth of our community, plus religion classes and everything they need for Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation.

Talking of which, we are here for you at every stage of life, from cradle to grave. In good times and bad. On special occasions. And week-in, week-out with something for everyone: singles, couples, families, young, old, and in-between.

As the largest Jewish community in Switzerland (2,500 members and counting) the ICZ offers endless opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, and live your best Jewish life.


Our Departments

The ICZ is more than the sum of its individual parts. Here is an overview of our departments and their activities.

(All links are currently pdf files. If they don’t open in the browser, check your download folder)

Other Areas


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